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The Cuba´s History Institute invites historians, journalists, psychologist, advocate, economists, statements, professors, investigators and specialists in scientific technical information, to participate in the International Cuban Revolution Symposium. Origins and Historic Development, which will be held in the Convention Palace 2015 October the 13 to 15.

Symposium main purpose is create a typical space to stimulate the ideas and knowledgements exchange which from historic science provides the best understanding of the whole historic process complex of the Cuban Revolution.

After past half century of the 59 January the 1st triumph, interchange, reflection and joint projects between academics, science, arts, culture, politics and social movement’s personalities is a mandatory to all wish want offer their investigations results.

This meeting no also will afford the necessary promotion for historiographical  investigations, will be useful also to establish from multidisciplinary perspectives in conceptually basis a remarkable theory support for understand the currents third world revolutionary process and updating the Cuban Revolution economic model.


Cuban Revolution Historic ancestry.

The national independence process in the 50s year’s last century, origins and opposite forces.

The Fidel Castro politic – military revolutionary strategic.

The Revolution in the administration: different phases.

Revolutionary institutionally and Democracy.

Cuban Revolution influence in Latin America and in the Third World.

Hazards and menace for Cuba and Latin America.

Cuba – United States confrontation.

Politic subversion against Cuba and Latin America.

Internationalism and Cuba Revolutionary foreign politic.

Historic vibrant in the 90s century years. General balance.

Latin-American and Caribbean integration.

Cuban Revolutionary historiography.

Archives, documental, testimonials and bibliography Cuban resources  uses.

Historian and patrimonial Science in the Revolution.

The symposium will held in commissions and plenary sessions also includes meetings about Cuban Revolution, where the interested delegates could take part, moreover will be thematic books sells.

The participation style will be: Participant and Opposite


All who wants take part could present individual or collective works (no more than 3 authors) which no more than 15 pages (with annex and bibliographies included.) printed in one and a half space in letter sheets (8 ½ x 11 inch). The works must be send to History Institute of Cuba (HIC) hard copy and digital format Word Arial 12 or by compact e mail to simposiorevcuba@ihc.cu before 2015 august 23 rd.

Also requesting persons must send before 2015 June the 30 to Scientific Committee a single summary with 200 words maximum with the Title, authors full names, entity, country and e mail address.

The Organization Commission will confirm the work acceptation in advance, at the same time will reserve the admition after verity it fulfill all presentation requirements. Moreover the final version is required at indicated date in order to put it on in the Symposium Memory.


Pre congress Inscription: $ 20.CUC; congress: delegates $ 200.00, No delegates: $80.00


For any additional information or asking the inscriptions details must addressed to:

Mrs. Belkis Quesada Guerra E mail. relainter@ihc.cu

Mrs. Katia Iris Medina Reyes, Congress Professional Organization, Convention Palace, Havana, Cuba, Phone (537)2038958, Fax (537) 2028382; E mail katia@palco.cu ; http:/www.eventospalco.com.


Havanatur Tour & Travel agency has been selected as event official reception agency. For reservation and more details please contact Mr. Roldán Leyva Alfonso, Commerce Specialist for Incentive and Events, Havanatur Tour& Travel. Email: roldan@havanatur.cu;

Phone nr. (537) 201 9780.

Mrs. Isel Rodríguez, commerce specialist International Sells Department Convention Palace, Havana, Cuba email isel@palco.cu ; phone nr.(537) 208 4398

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