100,000+ firms endorse Nobel to Cuban doctors proposal

Oct 6, 2020 by

Recibimiento de los colaboradores integral de la brigada del contigente internacional de medicos especializados en el enfrentamiento a desatres y graves epidemias Henry Reeve que tarbajaron en Torin.

Photo: Ismael Batista

Backed by more than 100,000 signatures, the so-called Greek Initiative for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to doctors in Cuba reported that it officially delivered its proposal to the Norwegian Nobel Institute, “which was considered valid and archived as such”.

Represented by an honor committee composed of 600 personalities from the Greek country, the initiative, created in March as a spontaneous association of people supporting the petition, argued that mobilization contributes to “making visible the true face of Cuba, solidarity and so human, which demonstrates with each action of its own, by providing its services throughout the planet, sending doctors, teachers and not bombs, to the poorest countries, especially but also to those who request it.”

In its foundation, it called the international work of the Henry Reeve Contingent “admirable altruism”, especially in the face of the global danger of COVID-19, and considered its recognition to be “an extremely necessary action for all those who love the truth, since Cuba is so savagely defamed by all those who serve the interests of the United States and are based on its blackmail”.

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